Giampiero Arciero

Rome | Freiburg | Siena | Geneve
Área de intervenção
construtivismo, humanismo, pós-racionalismo

Giampiero Arciero, psychiatrist, has been a researcher at the University of Freiburg (Switzerland) and director of the Personal Development Laboratory at the University of  California, Santa Barbara. With Vittorio Guidano he founded the Institute of Cognitive Post-Rationalist Psychology and Psychotherapy (IPRA), Rome, of which he is director. He is professor and director of the Postgraduate School of Cognitive Post-Rationalist Psychoptherapy at the University of Siena and consultant at the University of Geneva. He is author of the book Sulle tracce di sé and co-author with Vittorio Guidano and Michael Mahoney of various works on the subject of  psychotherapy.