Richard Schwartz
2019 IFS L1 Training Group
with Susan McConnell & Osnat Arbel
Internal Family Systems Official Level 1 Training
Internal Family Systems Level 1 Trainings _2019
2nd Ed | February & may 2019
Upcoming Event 2019
Certificate IFS Training
6 day Training 2019 - 12-17 Maio 2019

In this CSL official (536) IFS  training you complete Level 1 in 2 weeks  - February (L1-Week1: 17-22 )  and May (L1-Week2: 12-17), 6 days each week.
The training will take place at Ericeira, 40kms to Lisbon, in a retreat mode.
When you enroll, you do it for the 2 weeks, the complete Level 1 Official training.

Internal Family Systems is at the forefront of a movement toward a more collaborative therapeutic approach that relies on clients’ intuitive wisdom. IFS offers a clear, non-pathologizing, and empowering view of human cognitive and emotional life and provides a dynamic therapeutic approach that allows both therapist and client to enter into a transformational relationship in which healing can occur.

Richard C. Schwartz, PhD, has been developing the IFS model for more than 30 years, with IFS now practiced by thousands of licensed therapists and other professionals throughout the United States and internationally. Mental health care professionals and others trained in the IFS model can easily integrate it into a wide variety of practices using the unique methods IFS offers to create safe environments for clients to become Self-transforming. Internal Family Systems therapy is a simple yet sophisticated integration of psychology, spirituality, and intra-psychic and family systems theory

that: Works well with couples, families, groups, and children;Can effectively treat trauma; Is a client-led approach that respects each client’s pace and goals; Establishes a productive, trusting, and collaborative partnership between therapist and client; Helps therapists remain centered and open-hearted.


The Lead Trainer for Week 1: 17-22 Feb | Portugal 2019
Susan McConnell
 holds a Master’s Degree with an emphasis on Somatic Psychology. With a background in working with survivors of domestic violence, she has received training in several forms of psychotherapy, particularly Hakomi Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Internal Family Systems Therapy. Her training in bodywork focused on structural bodywork and cranial sacral therapy. She draws on her experience in movement and embodiment practices as well as her Buddhist practice. She is a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist and a Certified Hakomi Therapist. Susan was instrumental in curriculum development for IFS trainings and, as a Hakomi faculty member, for a training for bodyworkers using the Hakomi Method to explore through touch the way mind, body, heart, and spirit weave together to form the client’s experiential world.
Susan has had a private practice since 1983 in Chicago, where she offers bodymind integration and consultation. She is available for workshops, retreats, private sessions, and consultations. She can be reached at susanmccon(at)gmail.com.
Here a video Interview with Susan

The Lead Trainer for Week 2: 12-17 May | Portugal 2019
Osnat (Osi) Arbel, PhD, LMFT is a Lead Trainer in Israel. As the Co-founder of the Israeli Institute for IFS she is training, supervising, and facilitating groups while living the IFS model both personally and professionally. In her private practice she provides IFS-based therapy for individuals, couples, and families. Dr. Arbel is an AAMFT Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor currently dividing her time between Israel, and Colorado. In Israel she is teaching MFT courses at Tel-Aviv University and Tel-Hai Academic College and supervising MFT practicum courses. In Colorado she holds an Assistant Professor appointment at Argosy University/Denver campus, teaching at the Counseling and MFT programs. Visit her on the web: www.ifs-israel.org ; On facebook: facebook.com/DrOsnatArbel ; Join her on LinkedIn: il.linkedin.com/in/oarbel

Venue - This retreat-style L1S1 training will take place at Hotel Vila Galé, about 40kms to Lisbon.

A Terapia dos Sistemas Internos recorre à Teoria dos Sistemas Familiares - à idéia de que os individuos não podem ser compreendidos de forma cabal isolados da unidade familiar - para desenvolver tecnicas e estratégias capazes de abordar de forma eficaz temas da comunidade interna ou familiar da pessoa. Trata-se de uma abordagem psicoterapêutica baseada na evidência, que assume que todos dispomos de uma variedade de subpersonalidades ou "partes". E que conhecer melhor cada dessas partes reequilibra o sistema interno. 
Do ponto de vista do modelo as alterações ao comportamento que sinalizam a presença de diferentes subpersonalidades não são más notícias. Longe de constituirem necessariamente evidência de patologia extrema por parte do cliente ou incompetência por parte do terapeuta, a presença dessas subpersonalidades são sinais de que o cliente se sente suficientemente seguro para permitir que estas se manifestem. Na IFS, experiências de flashbacks, dissociação, ataques de pânico, resistência ou transferência, são ferramentas usadas pelas diferentes partes, e como tal, indicadores úteis do que é necessário que aconteça em terapia.

Prática baseada na evidência- A Terapia de Sistemas Internos é reconhecida como prática baseada na evidência, integrando a lista da NREPP nos Estados Unidos.
Local - Este Treino decorre em modo retiro na Ericeira - Hotel Vila Galé - a cerca de 40kms de Lisboa.

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Local | Venue & Staying

This retreat-style Level1 training will take place from 17 February  until  17 May 2019, at Ericeira, 48kms to Lisbon.

Bus Schedules - Lisbon to Ericeira PDF here

terraço ericeira

Rooms Hotel Vila Galé: 60€/ night or 35€ (if sharing - doubles only) Contacts to Vila Gale Ericeira Hotel here 

Training Dates:
L1-W1: 17 - 22 February
Teleconferences: dates soon
L1-W2: 12-17 Maio

Este Treino decorre em modo retiro na Ericeira - Hotel Vila Galé - a cerca de 48kms de Lisboa.
Informações sobre valores acordados para a estadia (dormida e alimentação) por email para ericeira.reservas@vilagale.com ou construtivistas@sppc.org.pt.

Participants | Registered

Anna Gartshore - Canada
Ana Ganho - Coimbra
Aline Oliveira - Brasil
Benjamin Seaman - USA
Catarina Pires - Açores
Danielle Silva - Brasil
David Grant Smith - USA
Débora Coutinho - Porto
Eryn Phelps -  USA
Francisca Pimentel - Porto

Filipa Jardim  - Lisbon
Isabel Eusébio - Sesimbra
Isabel Salvado - Lisbon
Hildur Magnusdottir - Iceland
Joana Antão - Aveiro
Joana Miranda - Lisbon
Joana Fonseca - Lisbon
Jorge Fontinha - Lisbon
Jordana Cardoso - Lisbon
Kelsey Thomas - USA 

Laura Lively - USA
Lea Vogel - Germany
Laurentiu Costrut - Romenia
Luke Bache - Sweden
Margaret Migliorati - USA
Marta Alves - Braga
Mary Sawicky - USA
Melissa Noordvliet - Amsterdam
Polina Ivanova - Bulgaria
Sandra Maria Silva - Lisbon

Teresa Alfama - Lisbon 
Vasco Gaspar - Lisbon
Wendy Appel - USA

Spots left:Full booked

This training is full booked.
You can always send us an email showing your interest in the training in case someone quits​ this edition, but also for the coming edition.

Program Assistants

Ana Catarina Cunha - PT
Anibal Henriques -PT
Andreia Pacheco -PT
Carolina Pinto - PT
Dawn Miller - UK
Margarida Marques - PT 
Pedro Viegas- PT
Vera Lisa Barroso - PT
Yoav Bartov - Israel



Supervisão Clínica