5 days L2 Training

In this official (#619) L2 IFS training, with Mary Kruger,  you complete a Level 2 in a 6day training on Addictions and Eating Disorders. 

The training will take place Online, from Sunday the 1st November to friday the 6th November 2020. 
So it will be 6 days instead of 5 days.
It will start at 2pm GMT until 830pm GMT. 
Pauses and breaks also planned for every day.
This training will complete a total of 32 hours.

WARNING: Given the Pandemic times this training shifted to online
A 20% rebate on the tuition will take place. 

The Training - IFS brings an innovative, new perspective to working with people with addictions and eating disorders. The current field is replete with treatment modalities and information that often offer conflicting ideas about how to best treat addictions and eating disorders. IFS can move us into a new dimension of treatment with this challenging population and offers ways to neutralize polarizations that can occur in the traditional treatment milieu. IFS also enables us to access and heal the beliefs, burdens, emotions and energies carried by parts of the client that are masked by addictions and eating disorders.

This training will focus on:

  1. Viewing addictions and eating disorders through the lens of IFS;
  2. Practical application of IFS to treatment; and
  3. The importance of Self-energy in the healing process.
  4. Participants will learn:
  5. How to define and view addictions and eating disorders from the IFS perspective;
  6. How to apply basic, key concepts of IFS to addictions and eating disorders;
  7. To develop an IFS skill set, including techniques such as un-blending, collaboration and
  8. negotiation, and direct access with extreme firefighters;
  9. Steps for healing the shame, fear, trauma and legacy burdens underneath;
  10. How to identify and address treatment constraints;
  11. IFS-based family, couples, and group work with addictions and eating disorders; and
  12. Integration of IFS with other treatment modalities and self-help groups, including the 12
  13. Step programs.

IFS theory and technique are important, but knowledge of the impact our selves and our parts have on clients is essential for a positive outcome. In the safe and nurturing atmosphere of the training, participants will be invited to explore their own parts that may affect their work with clients. In this context, participants will be encouraged to:

  1. Recognize and acknowledge their personal beliefs and reactions towards addictions and eating disorders (extreme firefighters);
  2. Explore their cultural/legacy burdens regarding addictions and eating disorders; and
  3. Experience ways to access and maintain Self-energy when working with clients.
  4. Format: The format includes lecture, large and small group discussion, experiential exercises, practice in groups, and live demonstration.

Lead Trainer: Mary Kruger, MS, LMFT, AAMFT Supervisor, founded Rimmon Pond Counseling, LLC, an IFS-based private practice located in the Greater New Haven area. She has specialized in addictions, eating disorders, trauma and relationships for over 20 years, incorporating IFS with her own penchant for the experience. Mary has developed a variety of creative ways to work with parts and to access Self-energy in individual, relational, and group contexts. She also enjoys sharing her experience in her teaching, in workshops, and through consulting on a national level. Mary is noted for her humor, creativity, passion and love of dancing and people.

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Tuitions | Registration

This Training can be attended by undergraduate students, graduate and registered mental health professionals.
Pre-requisite: IFS Level 1 completion is a requisite for this training.

Enrollment for the 5 days LEVEL 2 Training: 3-7 November 2020

Non-Portuguese candidates:
Early Bird Until 7th September: 1550€
After  7th September: 1650€

Portuguese Candidates:
Early Bird Until 7th September:  1450€
After  7th September:1550€

SPPC Members:
Until 7th September: 1400€
After 7th September: 1600€

Tuitions for this training if it goes online:

Non-Portuguese candidates:
Early Bird Until 7th September: 1240€
After  7th September: 1320€

Portuguese Candidates:
Early Bird Until 7th September:  1160€
After  7th September:1240€

SPPC Members:
Until 7th September: 1120€
After 7th September: 1280€

Final full payment deadline:30th September 2020

Payment plans contact: construtivistas@sppc.org.pt


A non-refundable deposit of 500€ will secure your place. The remaining amount must be full paid until 10th January 2021
An invoice will be generated after your application is accepted. Part-payments can be arranged, please indicate on the application. If withdrawing from the training within 60days of commencement the full fee is non-refundable. Please do not purchase flights until you have a formal confirmation that the course will run. Places will be held in date order of receipt of acceptable applications. Please note in case of cancellation we cannot reimburse any expenses you may have incurred. If you cannot attend, a qualified substitute may attend in your place, pending approval from the training and organising team. All decisions are final and correspondence will not be entered into. In the event of the course not proceeding the deposit will be refunded, minus bank fees. 

Cancellations: cancellations received 15 working days prior the first day of the event will receive a refund of registration fees less an administration charge of 20% of the event fee - only if your space can be filled. 
Cancellations made after are liable for the full registration fee.
This Level 2 course consist of 5-day sessions – a total of 35 hours of training.
Note that you need to attend all training days in order to complete Level 2 training.
Cancelamentos admissíveis até 15 dias úteis antes da data do evento, com reembolso de 80%,  apenas se o seu lugar for preenchível.
Cancelamentos efetuados após esta data não têm lugar a reembolso.
Tome em atenção que ao inscrever-se assume compromisso de completar o treino nos 5 dias agendados.
Note que é necessário participar nos 5 dias de treino de forma a completar o Nivel 2 de Treino.



This retreat-style Level 2 training will take place at Ericeira, Hotel Vila Galé, 25 minutes driving from Lisbon.

terraço ericeira

Here a video of the Village
Here a video of the Venue

Accommodation and Meals
Accomodation and meals are not included in the price of tuition.
A list of local cheaper accommodation in the village and around the Hotel will be provided on request.
Rooms at Hotel Vila Galé depending on season goes from 60€/ night ( 35€ if sharing) up to 110€.  Contacts to Vila Gale Ericeira Hotel here 

Registering Participants

Aleta Alexander  - USA
Ana Luisa Rosa - Portugal
Ana Sanz Santos - Spain
Anca Bjorklund - Romenia
Ann Dalum - Denmark
Ann Davis Davis - USA
Catarina Pires - Portugal
Ellie Cullen - Poland
Ewelina Brzostowska - Poland 
Filipa Rouxinol - Portugal

Julie Dumartheray - Switzerland
Justine Mastin - USA
LaDonna Silva - USA
Margaret Almeida - Portugal
Martin Tage Hansen - Denmark
Nadine Lucas - USA
Niklas Thrane - Denmark
Rachael Butler - USA
Sandra Silva - Portugal
Soulla  Demetriou - UK

Susana Franco - Portugal 
Susan Gomes - Portugal
Teresa Alfama - Portugal
Zíla Phillips - USA 

Registered Participants

Participants fully registered:

Aline Oliveira - Brasil
Andras Ratonyi - Hungary
Birgit Löwenbrück - Germany
Danielle Silva -  Brasil -
Kiri Maura McCart -  USA
Margaret Migliorati - USA
Patrycja Juszkat - Poland
Pedro Morais- Portugal
Sandra Guerreiro - Portugal

No Spots Left

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Certificate of Completion

A Certificate of Completion (non-CE) is awarded by The Center for Self Leadership, and a participant must complete 27 of the 32 program hours offered in order to be eligible to earn this certificate. Participants are responsible for ensuring that they attend sufficient training hours to earn the Certificate of Completion. 



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